Today it is exactly 1 year since an article was published about our organization in the Buckinghamshire Examiner. Below is a photo of our article that was published in the newspaper exactly a year ago today.

This is by far the most significant event in the history of the Junior Bucks Stop HS2 Organization.  We didn't know at the time that 22 people would go onto our website and sign our online petition. We also didn't know that 78 people at school would sign our anti-HS2 petition by hand. We were all overjoyed by the number of petition signatures we received and they were all posted to David Cameron.

A Brief History of the Junior Bucks Stop HS2 Organization

Early January - Our organization was formed, named 'The Chesham Prep Stop HS2 Group'
Thursday 27th January - Our article was published in the Buckinghamshire Examiner

March - We changed our name to the 'Junior Bucks Stop HS2 Organization'
Late April - Deadline for anti-HS2 petition signatures - we received 78 hand-written signatures and 22 online signatures
May - Our EyeMags app for smartphones (including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia), iPod touch and iPad was created
Early June - Both the online and the hand-written petition signatures were posted to David Cameron

June - We received a response from our petition sent to David Cameron saying that our letter had been forwarded to the Department for Transport
July - We received a letter from the Department for Transport

January - We received very bad news saying that the government decided to go ahead with HS2 - (but the fight against High Speed 2 continues)

Friday 27th January - A year since we were in Bucks Examiner

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us and to everyone who signed our anti-HS2 petition. Find us on Facebook for the latest news. Instructions of how to do this are on our homepage.