Ed, Chris and Alex have already had Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th January off school due to wind damage. There were high winds in Amersham on Tuesday 3rd January which tore off materials on the roof of the school hall at Dr Challoner's Grammar School. The term was supposed to start on Wednesday 4th January, but it is currently unsafe on the school site. "We cannot go to school because the loose material on top of the school hall may blow off and potentially cause injury. Construction workers are clearing the loose material and we will probably be back at school on Friday."

Below is a picture of the school hall's roof:

The severely damaged roof of the school hall at Dr Challoner's Grammar School, taken on Wednesday 4th January, the morning after strong winds hit Amersham.

(Source: Buckinghamshire Examiner website - http://www.buckinghamshireexaminer.co.uk/)

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