I am supporting an idea of the London Underground Metropolitan line to be extended to Watford Junction. Although the existing Watford station would be closed, there will be many benefits:
  • Quicker access to Birmingham from Chesham, Croxley and all train stations between Aylesbury Vale Parkway and North Harrow, by getting the Croxley Rail Link to Watford Junction and then using the existing London - Birmingham line from there
  • It will allow new proposed stations at Ascot Road and Watford Hospital, and trains would also stop at Watford Junction
  • The cost is planned to be £119.82 million, 283 times cheaper than HS2 is planned to cost
Below is a diagram of what the Croxley Rail Link route is planned to be:

For more information visit www.croxleyraillink.com or download the Croxley Rail Link's free app at www.eyemags.com/13276.