App troubleshooting

This query relates to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad:

  • Q: "When I try to download the app, it asks me to touch a '+' symbol, but there isn't one on the page. How do I download the app?"
  • A: ''Ignore that it says touch the '+' sign - instead touch the symbol that the arrow is pointing to photo 1.PNG  and press 'Add to Home Screen' and then click 'Add'. Then, launch the app from your device's home screen and the app will download."

This query relates to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and all Android devices:
  • Q: "When I am on the app and I click on a website link, it takes me to the website but then I can't go back into the app. How can I go back?"
  • A: "When you have finished browsing the website that you have visited,   photo 2.PNG  press the home button  photo 3.PNG  and then relaunch the app.  photo 4.PNG I am afraid that this is the only way to go back into the app. 

This query relates to ALL mobile and tablet devices that support our app:
  • Q: "As I haven't downloaded the app on my device's app store, can I only view the app when I have internet signal?"
  • A: "Once you have downloaded the app and launched it, there will be an eye in the top-right corner of the screen saying 'Online'.  photo 5.PNG Once it reads 'Installed', the app will then be able to visit offline.  photo.PNG"

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