HS2 Quiz

Q1) How much will HS2 cost the government?

Q2) What year is HS2 planned to be finished?

Q3) People who's houses will be next to the rail line will hear loud trains frequently. But HOW frequently?

Q4) An outdoor activities centre is right in the path of HS2's planned route. Where is the centre currently located?

Q5) If HS2 is built, how long will it take to get from London to Birmingham?

Q6) How long are proposed HS2 trains estimated to be?

Q7) How many trains do the government want there to be in each direction?

Q8) HS2 is expected to be the most expensive railway in...

Q9) How fast does the government think HS2 will travel at its fastest?

Q10) How long is HS2 expected to cut off the journey compared to the current London to Birmingham rail line?

Q11) A lot of anti-HS2 campaigners and protesters are calling HS2 a 'white elephant'. What does this mean?

Q12) People's houses are planned to be destroyed for HS2 to be built. What percentage will people who live in these houses receive in compensation?

Q13) How much will HS2 cost for each taxpaying household?

Q14) In December 2011, a band called Dirty Mavis released a Christmas single about HS2. What was the song called?

Q15) Between which locations does the current HS1 go from?

Thank you for taking our HS2 quiz. We hope this has improved your knowledge on HS2. Below are the answers and how well you've done. Why not take our HS2 survey?


  • Q1 - C
  • Q2 - B
  • Q3 - A
  • Q4 - A
  • Q5 - C
  • Q6 - B
  • Q7 - C
  • Q8 - A
  • Q9 - B
  • Q10 - B
  • Q11 - C
  • Q12 - A
  • Q13 - C
  • Q14 - B
  • Q15 - A

How did you get on?

  • Less than 5 - You are obviously no geek on HS2! Look at our ''What's Affected'' page to improve your knowledge on the proposed high speed rail line
  • Between 5 and 10 - Not too bad, refresh the page to take the quiz again to see if you can improve
  • Between 11 and 15 - You know your stuff! You have done very well. Look below to see which of us you are most similar to

Attention high scorers! Which of us are you most similar to?

11/15 - You're most similar to...Chris

12/15 - You're most similar to...Alex

13/15 - You're most similar to...Ben

14 or 15/15 - You're most similar to...Ed

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