JBSHO History : The history (to date) of the Junior Bucks Stop HS2 Organisation since it started in January 2011

• January 2011 - 'The Chesham Prep Stop HS2 Group' is formed after a class debate on HS2

• January 2011 - First newspaper article in Bucks Examiner (titled: 'Angry' Ed rallies school friends for anti-HS2 online campaign)

• February 2011 - Ed receives informative HS2 letter from Cheryl Gillan MP

• March 2011 - We change our name to 'Junior Bucks Stop HS2 Organisation'

• March 2011 - Our free app is created

• May 2011 - Ed posts online petition signatures to David Cameron

• June 2011 - Ed receives a letter from the Department for Transport in reply to the letter he sent to David Cameron in May

• December 2011 - Dirty Mavis releases an HS2 single called 'Oak Tree Lament'. We encourage people to download the song on iTunes or on Amazon

• June 2012 - Second article in Bucks Examiner (titled: Edward's app of action - Schoolboy designs mobile link)

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